The Crystal Method - Divided By Night Tour Visuals

example video: Divided By Night

For this project, I was asked by TCM to produce a series of videos to be projected during their 2009 tour, which began at Coachella in May. This video is set to match up with the title track of their new album, Divided By Night. All of the work was done in Adobe After Effects, utilizing the Trapcode Form plugin and 3d Camera. Altogether there were 4 pieces that were displayed intermittently throughout their set.

M83 - We Own The Sky

This project began as an early experiment with the Trapcode Form plugin for After Effects. I posted the test clip on Vimeo, and my friend and classmate encouraged me to expand on the idea and collaborate with him to enter a music video contest. My role on the project was Motion Designer and art director; I was responsible for animating all of the particles and overseeing the overall look of the video. Animation was done in After Effects, with some type design in Illustrator. The piece has been featured in Red Giant Software's reel, on, as well as Trapcode's own online gallery. David Altobelli directed and cut the piece together.


Barricades is a Boston based band in which I play. I've been producing gig posters and logos as shows come up, primarily in Photoshop, but also in Illustrator when needed, or Cinema 4D if I feel like experimenting. I am also responsible for managing the website.
BarCast Networks


My job at BarCast is Creative Developer. This encompasses a great range of tasks, from designing posters to cutting together sales videos, to building Flash presentations and dealing with system operations. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, TextWrangler, and occasionally Cinema 4D to produce and piece together all of the front end elements that are broadcast on this interactive digital signage network.
The Last Heraclid

Poster I made for my good friend Norm who moved to Korea. Done in Illustrator and Photoshop.
A Rocket To The Moon

First music video for A Rocket To The Moon, completed in December of 2007. I wrote, directed, shot, and edited the video as well as animated and composited the animated elements. My first foray into making a video, I had a blast making this piece. Applications used: Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Illustrator. Shot on a DVX100.